Reflection on a Retreat

IMG_6672It’s a question I’m being asked quite a bit over the last two weeks – “how was the Glory Gals Retreat?”. My short answer – AMAZING

The longer answer…starts with WOW – I’ll start with a little disclaimer – I don’t feel the verbal (or written in this case) language has the proper tools to explain how incredible my heart feels having gone thru this process. So here’s my best go at it.

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What you need!

I was messaging with a dear friend of mine from high school. She is a teacher in one of those warmer southern states. She was telling me about a class she was teaching that allows kids who won’t be able to graduated because of being short credits to get their GED.
I was asking her how successful the class was in helping the students be successful in life. Since the test was recently changed and made more difficult she was unsure of how helpful it would be. We got into a discussion about how teaching teens, especially at risk teens, things like the definition of rubicund (which I learned means reddish skinned like with a rash) are not very helpful for them being successful in life. Sure they prepare that student to go on and be a nurse or a doctor, but is that necessary for someone preparing to get their GED? or even someone graduating with their traditional high school diploma? Trigonometry is great and all, but does that prepare most of our children to be successful and productive Americans? What about teaching some of the more practical skills like how to survive a panel interview, or how to effectively communicate with a boss.
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Positive and Glorious

zigI was perusing Facebook today while one of our syndicated programs played (Focus on the Family) and I found this graphic posted on Zig Zigler’s page on Facebook.
It stopped me in my scrolling tracks and I started thinking about how amazing God has been in my life these past few months. God has been providing so many wonderful things thru the Glory Gals Retreat I’m putting together (with an amazing crew of volunteers). Some of it has been hard and definitely challenging. There have been times Continue reading


20140214-152037.jpgI’m playing a game of solitaire that starts off terrible. No moves to play before I turn any cards over, and it’s a good 1/2 dozen cards in before I’m of to a very slow start.
As a general rule I usually bale on these games when I’m playing my ‘I’m waiting for the electric mattress pad to warm up enough so I can go to sleep’ round and move on to another hand. Tonight though I stuck it out. I wanted to see if it would turn around.
I wonder if Gdo feels that way about us sometimes – we give up on the hand he’s felt us before we’ve spent enough time to see how awesome it will be in the end. Slow starts aren’t always a bad thing, they test our patients, but in the end the reward is that much more grand because we stuck with it. Will we always get the result we want? No. But we might if we give it a chance.



shoulder“WOW that’s a big undertaking” is a phrase I hear quite a bit when people hear I’m putting on the Glory Gals Retreat. Good thing I don’t remember I feel that way until someone mentions it te he. I truly have had my moments of ‘oh crud’ and ‘what was God thinking picking me for this task’, but then there are days like today and I KNOW. I know I’m heading in the right direction. God is so great at tapping me on the shoulder at just the right time and saying psssttt look at this – now do you see?!
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Taste the Rainbow Bowling

skittlesWith Valentine’s day just around the corner I was trying to think of date night ideas that go outside the box of what we normally do. Choices are limited in small towns after all. So how about taking the normal and adding a twist! Get a bag of Skittles (or M&Ms, etc) and head to the bowling alley. Make a list up of different bowling styles to go with the different colors of Skittles (example below). Each person takes a turn blindly picking a Skittle before their bowling turn. They must then bowl using that style. Whomever wins the bowling game gets a prize (to pick where to go for dinner/dessert, to pick the RedBox movie, a King size candy bar, whatever.)

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Cold Bodies, Warm Hearts

cold temperaturesIf you haven’t heard it’s pretty cold in WI today. I’m staring at the thermometer in the studio and watching the wind chill dip below -50 at times. This year I’ve learned that -50 feels cold and I can’t really tell the difference between -50 and -30 even though that is a 20 degree difference.
If you look on Facebook you’ll see a lot of complaints and jokes from folks around here talking about how miserable it is. I can’t say I disagree, or they aren’t entitled to their feelings, but I have noting something to be thankful for. As miserable and tough this weather is making everyone’s situation…it’s also brining out the kindness in people (once you look past the complaints). Continue reading