What!? I’m not perfect!

I’m at Women of Faith, surrounded by hundreds of women. It’s awesome! Last night we saw the hilarious and very multi talented Anita Renfroe – did I mention hilarious?
After Anita, Sheila Walsh spoke with amazing words, encouraging words, God’s words. As I’m listening and absorbing all that is around me a couple of things become very aware to me. Continue reading

Origami Heart

Have you ever been digging for something and have an item you weren’t looking for and had forgotten about leap out at ya? It’s happened to me before, but today was a bit different. I was doing my normal work stuff – pulled out a file from underneath my desk, and out came a red and white origami heart.IMG_0596.JPG

I haven’t looked at this heart for a LONG time, but I immediately remembered where I had acquired it from. Continue reading

I did it!

I did it! I just finished the couch to 5k session that I’d been dreading since the first day when I did a sneak peek of all the upcoming workouts. Today’s was the first straight run with no planned walking breaks. 20 min of straight running.

I did it too! I didn’t stop, I didn’t die of exhaustion, I didn’t pass out. I did the run, my pace was good for me, and I definitely learned

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I DON’T run

Sprints maybe, but never a distance runner. Not that I haven’t tried and tried and tried. Tread mills, independently, with roommates who run…Bare foot, fancy shoes, in the water
… I’ve tried many methods. About 10 years ago I finally came to the conclusion that I’m just not made to run. Well, other than the short bursts after my kids or racing them to the door when it’s raining. I’ll have to stick with walking, biking, or an aerobics video.
I’ve been watching more and more of my friends and acquaintances on Facebook posting pictures of 5Ks they have participated in, and I’ve been invited to join them. I’d politely decline wishing I was made to be a runner but accepting I wasn’t and wait to see the pictures and hear the stories.
That is until last week. I saw posts from 2 sweet friends (within 24 hrs of each other none the less) Continue reading

The Taffy Pull

One of my favorite parts of organizing Glory Gals is watching God stretch people. This is especially true of the people I ask (thru his guidance) to be leaders and keynote speakers. Many are not in the business of speaking, and I love that God is directing me towards people just like the Gals attending. taffyI think it shows us all that everyone is special in God’s kingdom, and everyone has a voice to help his kingdom grow.

Today was a day of stretching – and I got to be the taffy puller instead of the taffy! Over the past couple of weeks Continue reading

Reflection on a Retreat

IMG_6672It’s a question I’m being asked quite a bit over the last two weeks – “how was the Glory Gals Retreat?”. My short answer – AMAZING

The longer answer…starts with WOW – I’ll start with a little disclaimer – I don’t feel the verbal (or written in this case) language has the proper tools to explain how incredible my heart feels having gone thru this process. So here’s my best go at it.

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What you need!

I was messaging with a dear friend of mine from high school. She is a teacher in one of those warmer southern states. She was telling me about a class she was teaching that allows kids who won’t be able to graduated because of being short credits to get their GED.
I was asking her how successful the class was in helping the students be successful in life. Since the test was recently changed and made more difficult she was unsure of how helpful it would be. We got into a discussion about how teaching teens, especially at risk teens, things like the definition of rubicund (which I learned means reddish skinned like with a rash) are not very helpful for them being successful in life. Sure they prepare that student to go on and be a nurse or a doctor, but is that necessary for someone preparing to get their GED? or even someone graduating with their traditional high school diploma? Trigonometry is great and all, but does that prepare most of our children to be successful and productive Americans? What about teaching some of the more practical skills like how to survive a panel interview, or how to effectively communicate with a boss.
This discussion has prompted me to write a list of things I wish I had learned when I was in high school. (in no particular order) Continue reading