He woke me up!

coversI’m awake…I look over at my phone for the time…4:43am. I want to close my eyes and go back to sleep, but I know if I attempt it, I’ll just toss and turn and wish I was asleep. So I take a moment to listen to the quite house. Pull my phone under the covers to hide the light from my sleeping husband, and open up  Continue reading

The Only Chocolate Cookie

My church is fantastic about having goodies every Sunday. It’s an amazing spread of goodies every week. We all line up for the coffee station in the fellowship hall followed by tray after tray of treats. My children even have a ritual in regards to the treats. Continue reading

Taking a Break

Yesterday I was having an ehhhh day. Not feeling motivated or excited. Was hard to find anything positive in the day. I kept putting one foot in front of the other, but faking it till I made it the whole way. I knew it was a temporary state, but still didn’t like the feeling. Continue reading

Daily reminder

It’s hard to keep positive everyday. It’s hard to look ahead. It’s hard to not think life is scary and short as the TV show I’m watching just said. It’s hard…but as my God reminds me, it doesn’t have to be.
It takes a lot of baby steps, in my experience, but it’s worth it. Give control over. And you’ll gain more than you gave up.
How to start? I have a reminder on my phone to help me remember to take that first step every day.


Dodging Bullets

The other day my son exclaimed “I don’t wanna be a Christian.” My heart sank. In my head I was preparing a list of arguments to persuade him otherwise. But first I wanted to know why. “Why do you feel that way bud?” There I said it. It was out there, but did I really want to hear the answer? Continue reading

What!? I’m not perfect!

I’m at Women of Faith, surrounded by hundreds of women. It’s awesome! Last night we saw the hilarious and very multi talented Anita Renfroe – did I mention hilarious?
After Anita, Sheila Walsh spoke with amazing words, encouraging words, God’s words. As I’m listening and absorbing all that is around me a couple of things become very aware to me. Continue reading

Origami Heart

Have you ever been digging for something and have an item you weren’t looking for and had forgotten about leap out at ya? It’s happened to me before, but today was a bit different. I was doing my normal work stuff – pulled out a file from underneath my desk, and out came a red and white origami heart.IMG_0596.JPG

I haven’t looked at this heart for a LONG time, but I immediately remembered where I had acquired it from. Continue reading