Growth Spurt

Ever since I graduated from collage I have not been a big reader.  I’ve chucked it up to being burnt out from all the required reading I did in collage. The occasional magazine, or short book, statistics articles (my geek-dome) and lots of kids books have been the theme for my reading habits over the past several years. So it could be described as surprising that I sat down last night and read a book cover to cover! (esp after just finishing a great book earlier this week).

I just didn’t want to wait until later to learn what happened next. With The Chocolate Diaries, I needed breaks at certain points to let the content absorb or be able to find a way to relate it back to my life. This book was different. It was like being given a HUGE bowl of Reese’s Pieces after a frustrating day. I’m not going to simply eat one after all, they are my favorite! I consumed the entire bowl.

My perspective is now shifted, enlightened, and energized all at once. The way I think about our babies in heaven is now coupled with a vivid image and more calming sense of OK. Heaven is for Real has clarified and given me new understanding of some scripture as well. I suggest this as a read for everyone – declared Christian or not.

I’ll even go as far as suggesting reading The Chocolate Diaries followed by Heaven is for Real for an uplifting and eye opening look on life. After reading them in conjunction, I feel I can start to put one foot in front of each other at a faster pace, comfortably. Sometimes moving on can be a slow process, but when given the right timing and right mix of nutrients a growth spurt can happen that compels us to start running instead of crawling. These two books have certainly helped me run!

3 thoughts on “Growth Spurt

  1. I have not read the CHOCOLATE DIARIES as yet but will. Uncle Dale and I read HEAVEN IS FOR REAL. We just loved it. It is such a spiritual journey. It reminds me of a talk a few years ago at church by a girl who had a near death experience. I sure can understand how wonderful it must be to know where those babies are and that there will be a day when you will truly meet them. Thanks for sharing.

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