Glory Gals is Gearing Up

GloryGals-Green01We are getting so close to being able to open up registration! A couple more Is to dot and Ts to cross and we’ll be rocking and rolling with getting people signed up. WOW has this been a whirlwind, yet I’ve felt so calm about the whole process.

We have keynote speakers all in place. Several break out session leaders – one or two more and we’ll be sitting in a perfect place! We have food and housing all covered (thank you Luther Park Bible Camp), we only have to decide on what specific items to serve from their menu, and there are lots of great options so I know we can do it! Music is coming along nicely – helps that I work at a radio station and can ‘test’ the music as I work te he. GGScarfgreenWe have the scarf picked out, and a logo that will work with our embroidery guy’s machines. We are looking at what welcome bag will be best. We have a webpage, Facebook page, and PayPal account. We have several ladies verbally committing to signing up once we open registration! We have smiles and are beaming with excitement hear at the planning headquarters.

84 days until the event! WHOOT

Be sure to check out our website and like us on our Facebook page to learn all about the weekend!


2 thoughts on “Glory Gals is Gearing Up

  1. Did I get back to you on my job duty acceptance yet? I can do whatever; as long as it is not public speaking. And very cool scarf!


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