Mysterious Benefactor

I got an e-mail last night that warms my heart and was an amazing reminder why I need to continue down the Glory Gals planning path. The e-mail asked me how they would go about paying for some ladies to attend the Glory Gals Retreat. The request was simple yet touching. Without giving too many details away about who this mysterious benefactor is, the story goes something like this. The benefactor wanted to ensure two ladies he/she knows along with the wheelchair bound daughter of the one and the needed caregiver were all able to attend the conference and get a much needed break away from reality.

Yes that’s four ‘tickets’ to the event plus the benefactor wanted to ensure they all had the proper accessories and purchased the Glory Gals scarf for each to enjoy. That’s four ladies who’s lives will be changed because of one person’s heart. One person is making a huge difference, not in the lives of everyone, but in the lives of four people!  Isn’t that what Christ asks of us? To do what we can to help others around us. God doesn’t ask us to move mountains and strive to be the next Billy Graham. He asks us to rise up to the challenges we see before us everyday. Not ignore them, but address them. Help the aged person crossing the slippery parking lot. Offer our last piece of gum to the stranger in line. Smiling back at the cashier and telling them to have a great day. Leaving the quarter in the Aldi shopping cart when you return it to the coral. Shoveling your neighbor’s sidewalk without being asked. Going to class and sitting next to the person who is always alone and saying hello. Saying I’m sorry when you’ve made a mistake. Forgiving others before being asked. Leaving an encouraging note on your co-worker’s desk. What will you do today to show others the love of Christ?



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