The Taffy Pull

One of my favorite parts of organizing Glory Gals is watching God stretch people. This is especially true of the people I ask (thru his guidance) to be leaders and keynote speakers. Many are not in the business of speaking, and I love that God is directing me towards people just like the Gals attending. taffyI think it shows us all that everyone is special in God’s kingdom, and everyone has a voice to help his kingdom grow.

Today was a day of stretching – and I got to be the taffy puller instead of the taffy! Over the past couple of weeks I had been hoping to find a few more break out session leaders in a specific area. Prayers had been sent up and I was in the wait and see phase of the discussion. This morning a lady, whom I’ve had the privileged to interact with on multiple occasions in person and via Facebook instant messenger, IMed me about what seemed at the time like a random topic (but now will be part of her session). In the middle of the conversation she told me “I don’t do public speaking, I just don’t do this”, and by the end she agreed to be a breakout session leader for the 2015 retreat. And, I should add, she told me she was genuinely excited to be doing it.
The conversation flowed so smoothly, I seemed to have the right words to say at the right time to move her along in her thoughts and beliefs to get her to the end destination. It made me think about two things: 1. I wonder how many times I’ve said NO to a situation that God was trying to get me to say YES to even though it was WAY outside my comfort zone. 2. It reminded me of my counseling classes at university. I’m feeling God’s hand moving me to a counseling season in my life once again. I’m excited to see where He takes me – I pray I continue to let him be the taffy puller and I remember to be the taffy.


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