I did it!

I did it! I just finished the couch to 5k session that I’d been dreading since the first day when I did a sneak peek of all the upcoming workouts. Today’s was the first straight run with no planned walking breaks. 20 min of straight running.

I did it too! I didn’t stop, I didn’t die of exhaustion, I didn’t pass out. I did the run, my pace was good for me, and I definitely learned

how much of a mental game running is.
Once I got going and made up my mind that I truly needed to do this for myself it was doable. I didn’t say easy, but definitely doable. Over the course of 20 min it’s easy to think thru a lot of things, easy to talk myself into and out of confidence. But I found if I distracted myself with taking in my surroundings, or listening to the lyrics of the music instead of just the beat, or I focused my mind on thanking God for all the amazing things he’s trusted me with this year, the time passed quickly and the path was behind me more than in front of me.
And now I get to say I DID IT! And I’m that much closer to being ready for my first 5k in 10 days.


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