Dodging Bullets

The other day my son exclaimed “I don’t wanna be a Christian.” My heart sank. In my head I was preparing a list of arguments to persuade him otherwise. But first I wanted to know why. “Why do you feel that way bud?” There I said it. It was out there, but did I really want to hear the answer? Before I could work myself up he answered matter of factually “I want to be a Lutheran”
Whew I felt like I had dodged a huge bullet!
What followed by sigh of relief was a 15 min discussion on how being a Lutheran was being a Christian. Since he’s learning geography in school, I explained Christianity was like the USA. Lutheran was like Wisconsin. Our synod affiliate ELCA was like our county. And our church was like our city.
He is now OK with being a Lutheran and a Christian. And this mommy is proud.


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