3ish things


Friday Night Games

This past weekend was the second annual Glory Gals Retreat . I’m honored that God has chosen me to play the role of organizer for it. As I was finishing the last bit of packing equipment up and getting it loaded into the truck, the director of the facility that is used asked me a great question. What were three things I learned from the weekend.

GULP – ummm ahhhh I had to think about that. It’d been such a busy weekend I hadn’t taken the time to ponder. So I sat down and thought about it.

Here’s what I came up with:

  • The Saturday evening Keynote speaker invited all to pray for God to enter our lives, and if it waskeynotes their first time to let her know and she would get them some materials to help them on this new chapter. We had 4 ladies say that they accepted Christ into their lives, it also gives me hope that there may have been others that weren’t willing to come forward, and yet others who are contemplating it now!
  • I could feel God’s LOVE and COMMITMENT and EXCITEMENT and GENEROSITY more powerfully then I have ever before – and that was very apparent through all the ladies who volunteered their time and talents and amazingness.
  • cousins

    Me and Cousin Becky

    Having my cousin there was so amazing! To be able to connect with her as adults and be able to hug her was pretty darn cool. Plus she did my hair and makeup all weekend making me feel so pampered and forced me to slow down for a few min. I was able to meet her twin boys in person (and they hugged me w/out prompting YAY) too.

  • The attendees from last year brought some ladies who were rough around the edges this year, so encouraging that they #1 want to share Christ #2 that they believe so highly of Glory Gals that they feel it will help those in need. I saw some polishing happening!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Several ladies from last year told me how much they grew in their faith since the last retreat. So encouraging to hear stories of how God is impacting lives. Some were as a result of Glory Gals happenings. Some were simply God being amazing (as usual)

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