Weed killer

Every year we get lots of weeds in all the cracks of our sidewalk that runs next to the foundation on one side of our house. I’ve used bribery (kids pulling them) I’ve used chemicals, sweat equity, and I’ve even tried ignoring them.

safe for my 3 year old to use

Bribery usually results in a short lived help, and roots not pulled out – so they come back quickly. Chemicals I’m not excited about w kids and a dog around. Sweating – I can think of better ways. And ignoring doesn’t really solve the problem, and I don’t want them to totally ruin my house.

So, I was on the hunt for a natural method of some sort. After several minutes of Pinterest research I found several similar recipes that all promise great results. Two ingredients were present in them all – vinegar and salt. Both things I had on hand.

I mixed 1/4 c salt with about 1/2 gallon white vinegar in my “professional” spray bottle. And outside to the weeds I went with my 3 year old helper. We took turns spraying until we ran out of supplies.

some of the weeds are turning brown

The next day, we went out to look at the results. I was expecting no change. Let’s face it Pinterest isn’t always reliable. But it started to work!!!! Some of the weeds had started turning brown. So after picking up some more supplies we made some more solution and sprayed away.

It was fantastic to find something that would work, and be safe for my family. My daughter loves to help with everything, and with this I can say YES!




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