Making it Up as I Go

Ever since I can remember I’ve struggled with the English language. Not only do the rules all defy all good rule making logic, but it’s also very limiting. The words just don’t always work to describe something in a good enough way.

Last week, I was prepping for a class and learned that the English word GIFT translates into 8 different words in Greek! EIGHT! and they all describe a different meaning to the word. (I may have to learn Greek someday) Sounds to me like they are doing a bit better job, at least in this instance.

When I feel limited I’ve been known to make up a word to help give a better feeling to what I’m trying to express. Then one day a co-worker (not in this context) told me that people who make up words is a sign of higher intelligence! YES – I no longer feel silly with my strange methods – I had validation that it was a good thing. A VERY good thing. I have embraced it and ran with it.

So if you are around me, or read anything I write you might notice lots of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Yes, spell check is a good friend, but it is also limited. Ignore those, and look for the moments of brilliance with the overall concepts, made up words, and expanded meanings. I’m more of a feelings person anyway. Trees are important, but so is the forest.


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