Molly Lee…who’s that?

I should probably tell you a little about my self…My main job here at WWIB/WOGO Radio is a Traffic Manager, but I also do an on-air shift from 7a-10a. They call me a Morning On-air Personality (or DJ).

You’re probably wondering what is a Traffic Manager…is it one of those people on the runway waving orange flashlights at the airplanes? Sadly it’s not (it would be way fun for a day though). Traffic Managers ensure all the commercials run as they are promised to advertisers. The great thing about being the Traffic Manager for WWIB/WOGO is that I get to do more than that too. Answering phones, responding to e-mails, keeping the page on Facebook up to date, website graphics, sales sheets, repairing wall paper, assembling chairs, cutting the occasional ad, giving out prizes, tours of the station, …you get the picture. A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

It's Me

It’s Me

I am a working mother who loves her day job, and finds much joy in spending time with her family (hubby & 2 kids).  I have a moderate, but in-check obsession with penguins, chocolate, and wine (not to be confused with whine which I dislike). I have been gifted with many talents such as the ability to assemble pre-fab furniture stress free and with extra parts, consume fist fulls of chocolate covered peanuts when no one is looking, and maintain a perfectly messy home; as well as, some weaknesses like the inability to be crafty, getting the heebie jeebies every time I smush a spider, and I am unable to recite the alphabet backwards without first saying it forwards. My mom’s friends say I am funny, my son says I’m crazy, my sister says I do things the hard way, and they’re all probably right.

My hubs and kids fall 2012

My hubs and kids fall 2012

I grew up here in the Chippewa Valley (go Chi-Hi Cardinals), but spent several years in Tacoma, WA earning a degree from Pacific Lutheran University (go Lutes). I sure do miss the mild weather in WA, but it didn’t out rank being around family when raising a family so, here we are back in Wisconsin.

Here’s a link to 20 questions my co-host asked of me – in case you want to know a little more about me in a light hearted way ;D or you could just read my entire blog lol

If you want to get really in depth of my life I’d suggest reading the Journey of Miscarriage section. 2010 was a difficult year in many regards for me and my family, and this section talks about this difficult journey and how God has been there through out, and how he continues to show me his plans (Jer 29:11).