Making it Up as I Go

Ever since I can remember I’ve struggled with the English language. Not only do the rules all defy all good rule making logic, but it’s also very limiting. The words just don’t always work to describe something in a good enough way.

Last week, I was prepping for a class and learned that the English word GIFT translates into 8 different words in Greek! EIGHT! Continue reading

Weed killer

Every year we get lots of weeds in all the cracks of our sidewalk that runs next to the foundation on one side of our house. I’ve used bribery (kids pulling them) I’ve used chemicals, sweat equity, and I’ve even tried ignoring them.

safe for my 3 year old to use

Bribery usually results in a short lived help, and roots not pulled out – so they come back quickly. Chemicals I’m not excited about w kids and a dog around. Sweating – I can think of better ways. And ignoring doesn’t really solve the problem, and I don’t want them to totally ruin my house.

So, I was on the hunt for a natural method of some sort. After several minutes of Pinterest research I found several similar recipes that all promise great results. Two ingredients were present in them all – vinegar and salt. Both things I had on hand. Continue reading

French Onion Chicken

noodlesI saw a similar recipe on Pinterest this week, but it called for making this into a casserole and baking it for an hour. I’m not a big casserole maker, and an hour would be too long of a wait for my hungry kids on a week night. SO I modified the recipe into a stove top dish, and it worked quite well!

2-3 chicken breast cooked and chopped into bite size pieces

1 liter box of chicken broth (I used low sodium)

16oz French Onion Dip

12 oz egg noodles

1 Cup French fried onions Continue reading

3ish things


Friday Night Games

This past weekend was the second annual Glory Gals Retreat . I’m honored that God has chosen me to play the role of organizer for it. As I was finishing the last bit of packing equipment up and getting it loaded into the truck, the director of the facility that is used asked me a great question. What were three things I learned from the weekend.

GULP – ummm ahhhh I had to think about that. It’d been such a busy weekend I hadn’t taken the time to ponder. So I sat down and thought about it.

Here’s what I came up with: Continue reading

Dodging Bullets

The other day my son exclaimed “I don’t wanna be a Christian.” My heart sank. In my head I was preparing a list of arguments to persuade him otherwise. But first I wanted to know why. “Why do you feel that way bud?” There I said it. It was out there, but did I really want to hear the answer? Continue reading

I DON’T run

Sprints maybe, but never a distance runner. Not that I haven’t tried and tried and tried. Tread mills, independently, with roommates who run…Bare foot, fancy shoes, in the water
… I’ve tried many methods. About 10 years ago I finally came to the conclusion that I’m just not made to run. Well, other than the short bursts after my kids or racing them to the door when it’s raining. I’ll have to stick with walking, biking, or an aerobics video.
I’ve been watching more and more of my friends and acquaintances on Facebook posting pictures of 5Ks they have participated in, and I’ve been invited to join them. I’d politely decline wishing I was made to be a runner but accepting I wasn’t and wait to see the pictures and hear the stories.
That is until last week. I saw posts from 2 sweet friends (within 24 hrs of each other none the less) Continue reading

Sageism #01061407

“Mom the smoke coming out of those buildings looks like lots of tornadoes”

It was a very cold day and we were driving in a business area where all the furnace exhaust shoots out the top of the buildings like smoke stacks. There wasn’t much of a wind that day so the billows were going fairly straight up. He had a great observation!