Holiday Homework

Sage came home from school on Tuesday with a large green piece of construction paper, and a note from his teacher. any materials can be used, be creative, have your family involved, make a Family Holiday Tree that will be displayed in the school hallway. Let the creation begin.
Sage and I began with a marker board and a brain storm session. Lots of good ideas, but here’s what Sage settled on.

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I’ve mentioned a few times before that I’m not a crafty person. I just wasn’t given those genes I guess. However, with Pinterest’s help I’ve been able to kinda sorta make a few things this past year with super good and simple directions. So when Sage brought a project he found in his magazine to my attention, and he had convinced my mother-in-law to give him some of her material, I agreed to try.

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Celtic headband

As many of you are aware, I am not crafty by nature. Thanks to Pinterest and some friends who have a similar skill disability I am attempting to add a little more craft into my life.
Over the past two nights my dear friend/neighbor Kristin and I have gotten together to attempt “Craft”. We had decided to make our daughters (2 mo apart) Celtic Headbands. We had pinned the idea and discovered the directions were well laid out and seemed to match out skill level. Plus they looked cute! – it met the required criteria.

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Diaper Craft??

I am so appreciative to the wonderful ladies who take such great care of our daughter during the day I’m always keeping an eye out for ways I can thank them. OK I’m not 100% sure this really qualifies as a craft, but I’m counting it as one. Continue reading


Made more hair flowers for friends squee

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Craftiness Success

Those who know me are well aware of my lack of craftiness ability. I have creativity, but not craftiness. It’s been a life long journey of attempts to be crafty with little success. The little success is usually the result of help from friends, or sheer luck. Thus, when I came across this pattern to make a throw rug from old t-shirts I was hesitant, but excited at the same time as it appeared to take little skill. There was a glimmer of a chance.
On Tuesday evening I started the process of going thru my closet and having Nate do the same to find shirts that we no longer are wearing that also fit the color scheme. I’m pretty sure my hubby thought I was totally crazy – a 9 month prego lady digging frantically thru the closet looking for shirts that clearly won’t fit me anytime soon.
Once I got the stash of clothing I began cutting them into the strips as indicated in the directions. Sage objected to my cutting of the clothing, until he saw me assembling the rug.
I finished it last night and am kinda proud that it is presentable, and functional. It’s been placed in the nursery. Sage has even requested I make him one now.
Not bad for 2 evenings worth of work (most of which I could watch tv, or interact with Sage and Nate while doing). Just need scissors (sharp are better I learned), some old shirts, and time. Talent not necessairly required.

Here’s a link to the instructions I used. Send me a pic of you make one of these your self I’d love to see how creative others can be 😀