Angelversary two

Today is the angelversary of the most inspiring little man. A boy who brought multitudes together in prayer. A son who is greatly misses by many. 20121106-045112.jpgBarron Christian Battles fought for the 8 weeks and 1 day he was with us on earth. Today, 2 years ago, he met our savior face to face.
Today my heart is with him, and with his parents, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and loving friends who miss him every day, but especially on this day.


Smiles from Heaven

Mommy & Barron

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about Barron – my friend’s son who passed to heaven at 8 weeks of age in the fall of 2010. I think about him often and am reminded of a few things. Continue reading

Thinking Time

As I sit here and hold Brie, it’s 4 in the morn which lends its self to lots of time to think.
I’m so grateful to be blessed with Brie and Sage, but tonight I am missing the babies in heaven. Love u my angels.


I’m proud to report that we survived another baby appointment yesterday. I’m measuring right on track, her heartbeat is strong, and she’s wiggling around like she’s expected to do. YIPPIE

These appointments are getting easier for me to go to each time. Continue reading

Don’t Worry Be Happy – or try

Ever have days you need to focus on something other than what’s going on in your life to get thru the day? Today’s kinda like that for me. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing baby again at our ultrasound today, but also nervous as heck that something will be wrong. My husband is usually the grounded one in these situations and is so good at calming me, and today he is unable to join me at this appt. so I’m feeling more vulnerable and very anxious. Continue reading

Prayer for a Friend

Today I received word about a dear friend – sad word. He and his wife are at the hospital for their soon to be born child’s heartbeat was not detectable – C-section happened a bit ago – I have not heard the results yet; however, just before my friend said things didn’t look good and they were praying for a was/am I.

My heart goes out to them both as do my continued prayers.

This story is hitting a bit close to home, a bit close to a year ago Continue reading

Clue Contest RESULTS

WOW is all I can say – WOW. Monday during my on-air shift my co-host and I started a Clue Contest – we give picture (and then verbally on air) clues and asked the listeners to solve the puzzle. Day one we gave out – Water Bottle and Oven, Day two started with Safety Pin Continue reading