Goal 2014

GoalsSo I was just in the studio and the guest for the next show arrived. As we were chit chatting he asked me what my goal for 2014 was. Great question – I’m not one to set resolutions – bad rap and all. But a goal was a great way to look at it. So here’s what I came up with on the fly and I’m good with keeping even after I’ve taken a moment to ponder it.
I want to focus on growing the Glory Gals Retreat this year and making it an annual event. The other focus is to LISTEN to God’s plan for the retreat and my life. So I’m kinda cheating – my goal is to make God do more work lol.


Christmas Memories

Today I’m thinking about Christmas and getting excited. As I sit at my desk there is a colorful tree strung with lights radiating the glow of Christmas. Its reminding me of all the things I am blessed to have in my life, and all the people I have had the chance to meet in my life. I’m especially thinking about those whom I won’t be able to hug over the holidays. Those who have left this world. I’m missing them YES, but more importantly I’m remembering them and their stories.

I’m thinking about the smell my grandfather always had when he’d come in from milking. I’m remembering the sweet smile of baby Barron. I’m wondering Continue reading


Recently I received a present from the “I hate you” fairy – an ulcer on my eye BOO. This has resulted in me needing to put my contacts away for a while and wear glasses all the time. I’m not a fan, but want to keep my sight so I’m doing it.

I’m quickly remembering why it is that I prefer contacts Continue reading

Turkey Pizza

I found a cute yet simple thing on Pinterest – making a pizza look like a turkey. So this past Sunday Sage and I tried our hand at it.
Here are the results – (btw I breathed a sigh of relief today as I am posting these cuz the stove appears to be clean whew) – might take a little imagination to see the turkey, but they didn’t take any imagination to see the fun we had making them. Plus they tasted extra delish knowing we were eating pizza turkeys. 20131120-135614.jpg

Sage’s turkey
My version of the turkey



Parent embrace

20131024-045057.jpgYesterday when I was picking my daughter up from daycare it warmed my heart. Immediately when she noticed I had arrived and she ran straight over to me. She gave me a huge hug and had that twinkle in her eye that reminds you how awesome it is to be her parent. It’s a moment of unconditional love in its raw form.
Made me wonder Continue reading

I’m Hit

This morning as I woke it hit me, it’s that time of year again. The time when my alarm goes off, one foot is stuck out of the blankets as a test, and Continue reading

Fighting myself

20130826-172801.jpgWhen we are young we quickly realize that physical altercations with ourselves is painful and not desirable. If only the same could be said for mental altercations with oneself, and with God. I’m finding myself at a crossroads, and I’m struggling to find the right voice. I’m second guessing, is it my plan or am I allowing God’s plan to shine thru me? Continue reading