French Onion Chicken

noodlesI saw a similar recipe on Pinterest this week, but it called for making this into a casserole and baking it for an hour. I’m not a big casserole maker, and an hour would be too long of a wait for my hungry kids on a week night. SO I modified the recipe into a stove top dish, and it worked quite well!

2-3 chicken breast cooked and chopped into bite size pieces

1 liter box of chicken broth (I used low sodium)

16oz French Onion Dip

12 oz egg noodles

1 Cup French fried onions Continue reading

Turkey Pizza

I found a cute yet simple thing on Pinterest – making a pizza look like a turkey. So this past Sunday Sage and I tried our hand at it.
Here are the results – (btw I breathed a sigh of relief today as I am posting these cuz the stove appears to be clean whew) – might take a little imagination to see the turkey, but they didn’t take any imagination to see the fun we had making them. Plus they tasted extra delish knowing we were eating pizza turkeys. 20131120-135614.jpg

Sage’s turkey
My version of the turkey



Fighting myself

20130826-172801.jpgWhen we are young we quickly realize that physical altercations with ourselves is painful and not desirable. If only the same could be said for mental altercations with oneself, and with God. I’m finding myself at a crossroads, and I’m struggling to find the right voice. I’m second guessing, is it my plan or am I allowing God’s plan to shine thru me? Continue reading

Chocolate peanut Greek yogurt

Yep another frozen yogurt recipe. This time a bit more on the indulgent side.
1 12 oz bag of chocolate covered peanuts
1 Tbsp peanut butter
1c plain Greek yogurt (I prefer Greek Gods brand)
1/4 c sugar to taste

Our chocolate covered peanuts were frozen which made them easier to chop in the processor with out getting gummed up. We used the pulse button. Then we added the yogurt and peanut butter and processed until smooth. Because our chocolate was dark (I prefer milk chocolate) I added some sugar to cut the bitterness (to taste). Pour into freezer appropriate containers. Wait for what will seem like an eternity until it is frozen thru. Enjoy

Almond strawberry frozen Greek yogurt

Today Brie and I made a frozen Greek yogurt! Yumm really hits the spot on these warm summer days. We prepped in a food processor; however, a good blender would also do the trick.

1c almonds
2c strawberries (I used frozen)
1c plain Greek yogurt (I prefer Greek Gods brand)
1c water apx

I started with chopping the almonds using the pulse button on the processor. Then Brie added the frozen strawberries a few at a time down the shoot. Water was added a little at a time to keep the mixture moving. Once a paste like consistency was achieved we blended in the yogurt. Poured into freezer appropriate containers and placed in freezer until solid.
My son thinks it was good, but more strawberries would make it awesome. Next time I may up it to 3 c of berries.

Strawberry rhubarb sorbet

Brie and I just finished making all sorts of sorbets while the boys were out fishing. I’m currently enjoying a bowl of the Strawberry Rhubarb and loving the tangy rhubarb flavor that is paired nicely with the sweetness of the strawberries.

Brie is currently 16 months and we found lots of ways for her to keep engaged while helping me. We made the sorbet in the food processor. Perfect since she could help add the ingredients in the shoot w no fear of getting close to the blades. But yes this could also be made in a trusty blender as well.

2c rhubarb washed and cut into 1/2-1inch pieces
3c frozen strawberries
1c water or juice
1/3 c sugar apx

We started with puréeing 2 cups of rhubarb cut into 1/2-1 inch chunks. Brie then added 3 cups of frozen strawberries a couple at a time. Apx 1 cup of water was added to keep the mixture moving in the processor. Depending on the juciness of the rhubarb and strawberries you may need a little more or a little less. The trick is to keep everything moving using as little water/juice as possible. A good quality fruit juice like Naked or Bolthouse Farms could also be used to enhance the flavor. Once everything was puréed together until smooth, I added apx 1/3 c sugar (to taste) to cut the bitterness of the rhubarb. Once it stopped making my lips pucker it was done. We scooped it into freeze able containers and then the hard part, waiting for it to freeze all the way.
Hands down this was the most experimental, and the one we love the most.

Microwave Rice Crispies

Since we are without a stove at the moment due to the kitchen remodel, and a friend requested a pan of my rice crispie treats I headed to Pinterest to see what could be done. YAY I found a recipe,  it worked, and it included coconut oil (so a little healthier than normal). This was so much simpler than using the stove, I may make this my method from hence forth.

Of course I had to tweak it a bit. Here’s what the end result was. Continue reading