Days of Thanks

11/7 – Today I am thankful for both of my bosses – they are both God loving people with big amazing hearts.

Day of Thanks

11/6 – Today I’m thankful for my life experiences – the good and the hard

Thankfulness Forgetfulness

I realized (with the help of a friend) that I had not begun my traditional Days of Thanks posts of things I am thankful for each day of Nov until Thanksgiving. After I got over my self disappointment I came up with a list to catch me up to date.

11/1 – I am thankful for the upcoming weekend time to spend with my family

11/2 – I am thankful for a fun family gathering with my In-Laws

11/3 – I am thankful for a little girl who knows how to bring on the silly factor times 100

11/4 – I am thankful for the power of prayer!

A day of Thanks

Today I’m thankful for a hubs who can fix just about anything, and the few things he doesn’t know how to fix he either has a friend who can help him, or he researches like mad until he can do it.

Love My Handy Man

Is Fair the Point?

So often we all get caught up in the “wrong” things of life, the ‘not fair’ stuff. But is that what it’s all about?

I think it’s about the good stuff, and the rest is just there as a distraction.  I might be like a horse with blinders on, but I’m looking at all that I have with rose colored glasses today. No life hasn’t been perfect or easy or even ‘fair’ but even in the thick of that there is good. I’m currently picturing a highway – there are hills and valleys, some cracks too. Looking forward the road continues to lead. If I look to the side I see the gravel shoulder Continue reading


The best part about 3 am feedings…watching her fall back asleep and give the occasional smile.

Day 17

Today I am thankful for a Thurs/Fri, and being spoiled by my bosses. They have given me (and the staff) a 4 day weekend to celebrate Christmas. YAY