Baby Jesus

About a month ago my pastor had asked me if we would mind if Brie was borrowed. A guest pastor was coming just before Christmas, he explained, to do a special service for the two ELCA churches in town. The pastor was in need of a little one to play baby Jesus.

So tonight was the big night, Brie’s debut as an actress. She did great! I knew we might be pushing out luck since it would be right around her winding down/ nursing down time. Usually if there is something new going on I’ve been able to ‘get away’ with pushing her a little. Continue reading

Winter Wonderland in Chippewa

Sage and I did it again. (The hubs stayed home with Little Miss. )

20121202-075310.jpg We went to the Christmas Parade in Chippewa. WOW did the mild temps make a huge difference. No only were we less chilled, but the crowd was definitely swollen!

We sat next to a sweet little girl, probably 2-3, and her mom. I was SO proud of Sage. Continue reading

WOF recap

Women of Faith 2012 Milwaukee:
Overall this year was good. Last year was awesome! I’m not exactly sure why, but this year seemed to be lacking the excitement energy that last year had. I didn’t leave with that ready to take on the world feeling I had experienced in the past.
Now I’m not saying it wasn’t worth it, or it was a total bust. I have all ready submitted my time off request for next year, and my mom is working on tickets. It just wasn’t up to the same caliber I guess.
But there were 2 speakers that I really got a lot out of, Elisa and Brenda. Elisa spent time discussing the phrase from the bible where the woman pours perfume over Jesus’ head a few days before he is crucified and Jesus defends her saying “she did what she could”. Was a great reminder that we are called to do what we can to help others. That doesn’t mean being super mom or super friend or super church goer. It means reaching out and helping when you can. Trust me she did a much much better job explaining it. I’m thinking my way sounds like we should be slackers, and that totally was not where she was going with it. The beautiful thing is she has a boom that explains it called She Did What She Could
The other speaker that really moved me, but in a completely different way was Brenda Warner (yes guys that’s NFL player Kurt Warner’s wife). She has endured a lot in her life! and God is turning it into her calling. We even got to meet her two oldest children. Brenda glowed when they were on stage. She is def a mom who is proud of her kids.

WOF day 1

Just a couple of photos to get started. Stories to come later.

20121005-225143.jpg a look when we first arrived of the new stage set up. Stage is at one end this time instead of in the middle

20121005-225204.jpgMANDISA!!!!! She sang her heart out, and even gave a sneak peek at a brand new song. Can’t wait to play that one on air!! LOVED IT. LOVED HER!

20121005-225216.jpg The whole cast greeted everyone. I know only one person appears on the screen, but if you squint just right you can see their shoes on stage.

Family pictures

Ok I’m finally getting up a couple of the family pictures from the session we had a few weeks ago at The “Look” Photography in Bloomer. Julie Rae is so great to work with. She’s the photographer that has been having Brie model hats – more of those pictures will be coming soon.

Continue reading

Good Morning

My son came into the kitchen this morning wearing these glasses. Made me giggle. He let me borrow them under the rule “no one can laugh”. So please don’t laugh 😉

The Fam @ Como Park

In celebration of Sage’s birthday we took a family trip to Como Park this past weekend. It was a lot of fun as usual. I can hardly believe he’s on his last day of being a 5 year old! and only a couple of weeks away from 1st grade. SIGH

Here are a few pics I was able to capture from the day at Como – I’m regretting not getting any pictures of Brie or my hubs on this trip – making a mental note for next trip.

20120820-121527.jpgSage and I on a very old hand carved carousel. This was Sage’s first ride on a carousel. I just love sitting up on those horses. Continue reading