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Friday Night Games

This past weekend was the second annual Glory Gals Retreat . I’m honored that God has chosen me to play the role of organizer for it. As I was finishing the last bit of packing equipment up and getting it loaded into the truck, the director of the facility that is used asked me a great question. What were three things I learned from the weekend.

GULP – ummm ahhhh I had to think about that. It’d been such a busy weekend I hadn’t taken the time to ponder. So I sat down and thought about it.

Here’s what I came up with: Continue reading


He woke me up!

coversI’m awake…I look over at my phone for the time…4:43am. I want to close my eyes and go back to sleep, but I know if I attempt it, I’ll just toss and turn and wish I was asleep. So I take a moment to listen to the quite house. Pull my phone under the covers to hide the light from my sleeping husband, and open up  Continue reading

The Only Chocolate Cookie

My church is fantastic about having goodies every Sunday. It’s an amazing spread of goodies every week. We all line up for the coffee station in the fellowship hall followed by tray after tray of treats. My children even have a ritual in regards to the treats. Continue reading

Dodging Bullets

The other day my son exclaimed “I don’t wanna be a Christian.” My heart sank. In my head I was preparing a list of arguments to persuade him otherwise. But first I wanted to know why. “Why do you feel that way bud?” There I said it. It was out there, but did I really want to hear the answer? Continue reading

The Taffy Pull

One of my favorite parts of organizing Glory Gals is watching God stretch people. This is especially true of the people I ask (thru his guidance) to be leaders and keynote speakers. Many are not in the business of speaking, and I love that God is directing me towards people just like the Gals attending. taffyI think it shows us all that everyone is special in God’s kingdom, and everyone has a voice to help his kingdom grow.

Today was a day of stretching – and I got to be the taffy puller instead of the taffy! Over the past couple of weeks Continue reading

Reflection on a Retreat

IMG_6672It’s a question I’m being asked quite a bit over the last two weeks – “how was the Glory Gals Retreat?”. My short answer – AMAZING

The longer answer…starts with WOW – I’ll start with a little disclaimer – I don’t feel the verbal (or written in this case) language has the proper tools to explain how incredible my heart feels having gone thru this process. So here’s my best go at it.

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Positive and Glorious

zigI was perusing Facebook today while one of our syndicated programs played (Focus on the Family) and I found this graphic posted on Zig Zigler’s page on Facebook.
It stopped me in my scrolling tracks and I started thinking about how amazing God has been in my life these past few months. God has been providing so many wonderful things thru the Glory Gals Retreat I’m putting together (with an amazing crew of volunteers). Some of it has been hard and definitely challenging. There have been times Continue reading