I DON’T run

Sprints maybe, but never a distance runner. Not that I haven’t tried and tried and tried. Tread mills, independently, with roommates who run…Bare foot, fancy shoes, in the water
… I’ve tried many methods. About 10 years ago I finally came to the conclusion that I’m just not made to run. Well, other than the short bursts after my kids or racing them to the door when it’s raining. I’ll have to stick with walking, biking, or an aerobics video.
I’ve been watching more and more of my friends and acquaintances on Facebook posting pictures of 5Ks they have participated in, and I’ve been invited to join them. I’d politely decline wishing I was made to be a runner but accepting I wasn’t and wait to see the pictures and hear the stories.
That is until last week. I saw posts from 2 sweet friends (within 24 hrs of each other none the less) Continue reading