He woke me up!

coversI’m awake…I look over at my phone for the time…4:43am. I want to close my eyes and go back to sleep, but I know if I attempt it, I’ll just toss and turn and wish I was asleep. So I take a moment to listen to the quite house. Pull my phone under the covers to hide the light from my sleeping husband, and open up  Continue reading


By Your Will

Is it me? Might just be, but I find a huge difference in 5 hrs of sleep when it’s by one’s own choice (ie staying up late to watch a movie) being much more restful than 5 hours of sleep by someone else’s choice (ie babies who aren’t sleeping thru the night).


Sleep – Better

“You don’t need sleep, it just makes you feel better” ~ Krista (former roomie)

This is a phrase I heard frequently from one of my roomies back in my 20s. In my youthful 20s I identified and exercised with the ‘you don’t need sleep’ part of the statement she uttered. Today I am chuckling at the ways I choose to have a lack of sleep then.

Saturday and Sunday nights this week were low low sleep nights for me. Last night was back to more sleep again ahhhh. I’m realizing now that I’m in my 30s that I identify with the second part of her statement more “it just makes you feel better” – YES with out adequate sleep for several days in a row I was very crabby, uncomfortable, and overall much more miserable than I am today with sleep in my system. Today with sleep I feel SO much better!

Yeah I can live without sleep from time to time, but now I much prefer getting sleep and feeling ‘better’.