Making it Up as I Go

Ever since I can remember I’ve struggled with the English language. Not only do the rules all defy all good rule making logic, but it’s also very limiting. The words just don’t always work to describe something in a good enough way.

Last week, I was prepping for a class and learned that the English word GIFT translates into 8 different words in Greek! EIGHT! Continue reading

Weed killer

Every year we get lots of weeds in all the cracks of our sidewalk that runs next to the foundation on one side of our house. I’ve used bribery (kids pulling them) I’ve used chemicals, sweat equity, and I’ve even tried ignoring them.

safe for my 3 year old to use

Bribery usually results in a short lived help, and roots not pulled out – so they come back quickly. Chemicals I’m not excited about w kids and a dog around. Sweating – I can think of better ways. And ignoring doesn’t really solve the problem, and I don’t want them to totally ruin my house.

So, I was on the hunt for a natural method of some sort. After several minutes of Pinterest research I found several similar recipes that all promise great results. Two ingredients were present in them all – vinegar and salt. Both things I had on hand. Continue reading


We were doing some celebrating of mother’s on the show Friday, and it got me thinking about my mom. She’s an amazing lady who taught me how to fold clothes, wash the floor, and make my bed. She allowed  me to explore (even on top of the counters) and encouraged me to experiment. She showed me what it looked like to love, and how to stand up for myself and others. 

My mom has faced struggles, we’ve been at odds, but through it all I’ve always known that I could rely on my moms love being ever present. My mama bear has got my back and she’s not letting go! 

Thank you mom for helping me grow and learn throughout my whole life. I love you. 

Sageism #158671

“in Nana’s car you have to turn a crank to get the windows down. She has an old car I guess.”

He woke me up!

coversI’m awake…I look over at my phone for the time…4:43am. I want to close my eyes and go back to sleep, but I know if I attempt it, I’ll just toss and turn and wish I was asleep. So I take a moment to listen to the quite house. Pull my phone under the covers to hide the light from my sleeping husband, and open up  Continue reading

The Only Chocolate Cookie

My church is fantastic about having goodies every Sunday. It’s an amazing spread of goodies every week. We all line up for the coffee station in the fellowship hall followed by tray after tray of treats. My children even have a ritual in regards to the treats. Continue reading

Taking a Break

Yesterday I was having an ehhhh day. Not feeling motivated or excited. Was hard to find anything positive in the day. I kept putting one foot in front of the other, but faking it till I made it the whole way. I knew it was a temporary state, but still didn’t like the feeling. Continue reading